The Morning Roll – Day 5

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Oct 8, 2016
Good morning gamers. Thanks for checking in for another Morning Roll. This is a new feature on BoardGame Stories, and we’re still working out the kinks as it settles into a regular feature, so we appreciate you coming back to it while we work it out.

Days of Wonder will be debuting a new expansion to their popular Small World line, River World, which introduces pirates, the elements, and a new map for the game. The game is available for pre-order now.

Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing their anticipated press-your-luck game The Lord of the Rings: Journey to Mordor on Oct 20. In the game, you play as one of the hobbits racing to Mount Doom to destroy the ring, all the while orcs and ringwraiths are on your tail; actions are decided with a set of coloured dice containing different symbols. Sounds like the game will move much quicker than the movie.

One game getting a fair bit of attention right now is Illimat, a board game developed by the band The Decemberists, now up on Kickstarter. The idea for the project game from the band’s love of board games and from a photo shoot where they were a secret society playing a board game in different locals, and have since decided to develop that game into a real thing with the help of Keith Baker, creator of Gloom. The project is now live and funded in Kickstarter.

And board game fans in London, England are in for a treat this weekend! On Saturday the V&A Museum of Childhood will put on display their collection or original board games in an exhibit called Game Plan: Board Games Rediscovered. Their collection will include Game of the Goose which is a 16th century board game considered to be the father of the race game, an original design of Monopoly, a Petter Rabbit game designed by Beatrix Potter, and many more gems. The exhibit runs until Apr 23 2017.

And that’s your Morning Roll for Sat, Oct 8. Expect this column to be a regular feature starting Monday.

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