The Morning Roll – Day 9 – Kickstarter Edition

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‘Morning gamers,

Stay Out of My Dungeon! is a cooperative worker placement game that is reminiscent of tower defence games. You, a goblin, are working with other goblins to build up defences in their dungeon before their king comes to lay waste to them. This has a long campaign on Kickstarter and is current well above funded with more than 40 days to go.

Making your own beer is no easy feat. Trying to sell that beer is even tougher. And though a board game can’t replicate that, it can make for a fun simulation. Such at it is with Beer Empire: The Board Game, a Euro game of brewing and selling beer, now on Kickstarter. As of this writing, the game is 72% funded on Kickstarter. Still in the fence? You can test the game out using Tabletopia.

Another attractive Euro game on Kickstarter now is The Pioneers Program, where you have survived a potential end-of-the-world scenario and now tasked with rebuilding society, starting with your own town and surviving further outside forces. Currently sitting at 64% funded with 17 days left.

Have you properly adapted to adult life or had growing up got you down? Pretending to Grownup is here to make adulting more fun. This casual party game gets you to challenge others in to see who’s more grown up. The game was funded on the first day and appears to be close to unlocking all stretch goals!

And here’s a roundup of other games on Kickstarter now:

Ending Soon

Stellar Armada (the $1 board game!) 

10 Minute Heist: The Wizard’s Tower

Epic PvP: Magic


Zombies, Run! The Board Game


New this Week

The Warriors: Turf War

Laser Ryderz: The Totally Rad Tabletop Racing Game!


Tavern Masters


Thanks for stopping by, and play more games this weekend! We’ll see you Monday.

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I’m a little ashamed to admit that I am late to the board gaming bandwagon. I briefly dabbled with RPGs and gave up on video games many moons ago, so board gaming never seemed like an option – until I was introduced to King of Tokyo, my gateway game, and it was all uphill from there! Outside of that, I work in entertainment in the true north, strong and free, and spend my off time embracing fatherhood.