The Morning Roll – Day 1

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Good morning gamers, here’s your first edition of The Morning Roll, your daily source for the best board gaming news available.

Asmodee is offering a preview of their upcoming release Dream Home, a new game from Rebel. For 2-4 players, fans of The Sims would get a kick out of it, as the premise is designing a dream home. Learn more about it 

Fantasy Flight Games have been getting Star Wars fans buzzing with their new card-and-dice combat game Star Wars: Destiny, available for pre-order now. After a couple of small previews, they now sharing a preview of how combat works, and it looks exciting. Read more …

And more combat has come this weekend from Games Workshop and their release of Gorechosen, a new miniatures game where you battle others in a brutal, free-for-all gladiatorial battle until one is left standing. The base game comes with four warriors, with more expected to come down the road. Link

Rio Grande Games will be releasing second editions of their hit games Dominion and Dominion:Intrigue. These updated versions “will replace six card groups and add one new (replacing the blanks) in each set. Additionally, there will be new box cover art, new card art for the base Treasure and Victory cards, clarified card text, and revised rule books”. For those concerned about double dipping, update packs will also be available.

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival was a big hit for Renegade Game Studios, thanks in large part to local game stores that embraced it from the start. As a token of appreciation, Renegade will release its expansion The Emperor’s Gift only to brick and mortar stores this holiday season before having a full launch in 2017. Read the press release from Renegade here.

And in case you missed it, NinjaBoy shared an awesome preview of the action-fantasy board game Age of Thieves.

That’s the end of your morning roll. We’ll see you tomorrow!

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