The Morning Roll – Day 18 – Kickstarter Edition

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Good morning gamers,

There was a couple of big name campaigns that started this week. The first of them was from Gamelyn Games, who have capitalized on the pocket game market with their line of Tiny Epic games. Their latest is a big of a game changer though: Tiny Epic Quest, based on the fantasy quest games of The Legend of Zelda and Everquest. What makes this project really unique is the inclusion of ITEMeeples, which are meeples with spots in their hands which can hold items, a feature that fits really well with the fantasy quest theme as you collect items to complete quests. Naturally, the game was funded in minutes on Kickstarter and is now adding on stretch goals.

The other big campaign of the week comes from Flying Frog Productions, makers of the massively successful dungeon crawler Shadows of Brimstone games, with another entry into the series called Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress. Here, the setting is transplanted from the Old West to ancient Far East, where you fight legendary Japanese creatures as a ninja assassin, samurai warrior, sorceress or travelling monk. The game comes with an adventure book with different scenarios you can play, either solo or co-operative. Funding started appropriately on Halloween and was funded in a blink of an eye. The goal now is to add stretch goals up to $1mil.

But sometimes, the best games on Kickstarter are the smaller ones. Take for example Dodgy Dealers, a deception card game where you collect authentic pieces of art while avoiding forgeries. The game has different phases where you acquire works of art from the black market, trade works with others, and heists where you steal from other players. The winner is picked based on the number of contracts they complete. Great for 2-12 players, the base game is pretty affordable, as is the the collector’s box with all the artists expansions. The game is already funded but is worth taking a second look for its premise and stretch goals.

Another little game is also another storytelling game. Robit Riddle is inspired by classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, where you play as a robot on the hunt for missing pet robots. Referring to a storybook included with the game, the players follow instructions in the book that affect the path they take within the book and the path on the table. Essentially it is a Choose Your Own Adventure book with a set of cards that affect the outcome, adding significantly to the replayability. The game is currently 59% funded at the time of this writing with 15 days to go.

Finally, a reminder that the finals of the Hasbro Gaming Lab are going on right now. The five finalists (Lair; The Plot Thickens; Colossal Blob; Plank & Rank; On the Slopes) are active now on Indiegogo (not Kickstarter) with nine days left in the campaign. The winner of the dulling campaigns will be published by Hasbro, along with a $25k prize. Learn more about each game here. Currently the campaign for Lair is in the lead.

Ending Soon

Lazer Ryder
Chariot Race
Remedy: The Card Game
Family Showdown

New This Week

Beer Empire (restarted)
Leaders of Euphoria
The Damned Children
Cryptic Explorers
5-Minute Dungeon

Thanks for stopping by, and play more games this weekend! We’ll see you next time.

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