Build Your Town in The Pioneers Program

Category: Age: 13+ 45 - 90 Min 3 - 6 Players 2017
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The Pioneers Program is a post-apocalyptic, town building board game.

You have been chosen by the Arc to lead a new town and rebuild humanity in this harsh new world. You must plan, build and venture into the wastes, but you should choose wisely how to spend your limited actions. Make sure that your town has an effective food production as well as defense. But make sure that you do not grow too quickly, because you may draw undesirable attention and end up encountering the hordes of Viralz, the newly evolved race of Ascendants or even a raid from a fellow Pioneer.

During the game, you will have to think ahead and plan wisely, so as to use your actions in the best way. You can buy cards from the market, send a team to search in the wastes or convince stragglers to join your cause. You can, also, take your time to make plans or carry out the Arc’s research projects and gain its favor.

Each round, you get to recruit a new survivor with their own strengths to support you. Moreover, turn order is crucial, since it determines who will strike first, while you are, also, allowed to do things that your opponents can’t.

The Pioneers Program has been up on Kickstarter and it will be running until October 30th.