Deep Space D-6 and the Endless Expansion up on Kickstarter

Category: 25 - 30 Min 1 Players 2017
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You are a starship captain trying to survive in a hostile environment. Assigning the right roles to your crew members is vital in order to deal with external and internal threats. Will you succeed to survive?


Deep space D-6 is a solitaire game. If you are feeling lonely because your friends cannot come to play with you, Deep space D-6 is the right solution. The gameplay is pretty simple. Choose one ship of the 4 available. Each turn you have to roll the custom crew dice and assign them to the various stations on the ship that match the rolled die. Each station provides you with unique ship actions. You use these actions to deal with the threat cards that are drawn every turn. The replay value of the game is increased with the 4 unique ships that have their own strengths and weaknesses. To win the game you have to satisfy 3 conditions. Have at least 1 hull point, the threat deck must be empty and all remaining external threats must be destroyed.
This kickstarter is the second one for this game. The first one was also a success, but due to high demand, the creator made this second campaign to reprint the game. Except for the base game, this campaign adds a mini expansion, a revised rulebook, some text modifications and slightly different tracker cubes.
The Endless Expansion adds a new threat. It includes 54 new cards, including external threats, internal threats, ship upgrades and a final encounter. You do not mix the base game with this expansion but you need the base game. You can also use its upgrades with the original threat deck. Furthermore, it fits in the base game box so the portability of the game is not compromised.
The price of the game is 20$ and if you want both the game and the expansion 26$. The shipping costs are only 6-8$ for the base game (same for base game plus the expansion). If anyone has the base game from the previous campaign he can get only the expansion for 6$. Solitaire games are not very common but if they appeal to you, you can check out Deep Sea D-6 here!