Efemeris Kickstarter Giveaway!

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Efemeris is up on Kickstarter and DTDA Games is giving away a premium copy the game! The game has amazingly stunning and elegant aesthetics, that totally support the theme and travel you to the stars!

Press Release from DTDA Games:
Taking place during an advanced Age of Exploration, Efemeris is a strategy game where the player is a fleet commander trying to seize all celestial territories under his colors . The French, Spanish and British are fighting for celestial domination. From 2 to 4 players , Efemeris has 2 game modes: a highly competitive duel mode and a cooperative team mode.

Play as a fleet commander and use strategy to conquer 5 planets that will ensure the hegemony of your Nation. Choose your captains for their unique skill , and watch over the recruitment of their crew.
Explore the canopy of heavens and collect the resources needed for your business. Destroy mercilessly enemy vessels that dare to confront your fleet.

Enter the Efemeris Kickstarter Giveaway!

Efemeris Kickstarter Giveaway!

The games will be given away and shipped by the Producer. The winner is picked randomly and will be informed within a week after the draw! All giveaways follow BoardGame Stories’ Terms and Conditions!

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