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Category: Age: 13+ 30 - 180 Min 1 - 6 Players 2018

Grimlord Games is a quite new publisher, based in the UK. They have already two meaty games published and “Endure the Stars 1.5” is the revised edition of their first one. Coming with refined graphics and new mechanics.


The human race has begun to explore the stars. “N.W.E. Hikari” is a planet-colonizing ship set in a journey to expand the humanity’s reach. Among the ship’s population, there are many scientists, playing a vital role in that revolutionary effort. But human’s curiosity and their tendency to play God brought them to the attempt of genetically engineered life forms. It took no long for the “Fall” to take place, a catastrophic event known as such in which these creatures were set free by their bloodlust.
A year has passed and there are no many survivors on the ship, thankfully you are some of them, brave enough to challenge terror itself for a chance of living, hopefully, sane enough.


Endure the Stars is a cooperative survival dungeon-crawl game for up to six crew survivors. You will choose among six unique survivors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, challenging your strategy and cooperation. Let’s meet them:


We have The Captain


The Engineer


The Marine


The Medic


The Psychic


The Scout

You are up against the Genetically Engineered Planetary Explorer Candidates or for short GEPs inside the decaying ship. The latter is composed by 12 double sided tiles that can be assigned in countless different ways, changing your experience and challenging you every time. As parts of the ship lose the fight against time various events will hinder your progress and test your skills.
As you will see in the pictures some creatures are quite cute but for the most part they are soulless creatures hunting your meat. It would be weirder to not develop phobias and be fearless at their threat. So, apart from your health that keeps you alive, your sanity takes care of your psychology. If your spirit breaks and your mental fortitude is affected you may not be a threat only for yourself but for the rest of the crew and your mission altogether!

Your silver line of hope will be the “Refuge”, an interesting mechanic that lets you recover, visit your loved ones (very good for your sanity) and trade for useful items. This also helps you connect different missions and create custom campaigns or alter the length of your games.
Your movement on the ship must be careful as any noise can bring up troubles with a lot of saliva. But searching the ship is vital too, as you may find useful and powerful items such as weapons and armors. The game also contains a some D6 and custom dice that are used in various things, such as what happens when you are getting injured after receiving an attack or firing your weapon Etc.
The game comes with various campaigns, difficulty levels and different objectives for constant challenges and high replay value. Lastly, I would like to warn you about the most powerful and fearsome creature inside the ship, the TITAN! Dive in this hell at your own risk!

That was a quick overview of the game and its basic concepts. The game has some days left on Kickstarter and the full rulebook available there. It may be a big one but the game is not a complex one overall. Hope you will enjoy this new version and survive to bring us a better future.

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