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Category: Age: 14+ 90 - 120 Min 1 - 5 Players 2018

Greenbrier Games comes back with the 2nd printing of Folklore: The Affliction along with its first big box expansion, “Dark Tales”.
The mission behind this project is to build a larger community around the game and the first step to that was making the game more accessible to customers by having cardboard standees instead of miniatures. Don`t worry, the plastic miniatures will be available in their own box!


In the land of Folklore, the Evil has made its appearance. Spreading its claws across the people and take control over their hearts. This kind of power has many faces, giving birth to vampires, werewolves and more, making your journey even more challenging and bloody. You will have to find the source of this power and ban it once and for all. Even if you die across your quest, your spirit will still fight for what counts!


This game has a ton of content so we will only take a look at basic concepts of the game, briefly. For starters it’s a hybrid tabletop game that focuses on immersive storytelling. Imagine a combination of an epic dungeon crawl board game and an RPG session merged together. Sounds awesome to me!
The game can be played either by a party of players or on a solo adventure. Either way you will take control of a unique character in your quest of gaining Lore by conquering supernatural Afflictions. Your character is highly customizable which is always an exciting thing as you can play the same one with multiple ways, trying different strategies and approaches. The available archetypes are – Arcanist, Archaeologist, Avenging Madman, Exorcist, Telepath or Witch Hunter. Choose your own path in any of those dark themed types.
The core game includes six stories with multiple paths and endings and each chapter will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. So, each story can be played multiple times and explore what it has to offer. Through your journey you will discover plenty of unique items (over 100), equipment, ancient artifacts and you will unlock prayers, abilities and rituals to overcome the various challenges.
This is essentially a campaign with open-world aspects where you will come across life-threatening challenges and choices, all wrapped up with a well-designed story. An interesting element of the game is that you can actually die and continue playing as a ghost! Supporting your fellow adventurers and upgrading your own powers even on the afterlife.

The Dark Tales Expansion

The expansion seems to bring a ton of additional content to the game. Let’s start by the fact it has NINE new full-length stories! A new set of cards named “Rumors” for extra adventures throughout the land. Six new unique archetypes – Butcher, Courtesan, Illusionist, Scientist, Slayer and Woodsman.
Then you get additional things for everything, such as new artifacts, abilities, bloodthirsty creatures, companions, maps to explore, items and more. It’s like a second core set filled with new stuff and maybe some more.

Lastly, the campaign comes with a ton of Add-ons for your pledge. All focused to enhance your gaming experience and immersion to the story. You can check it out here and learn more about the game.

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