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Category: Age: 13+ 60 - 180 Min 1 - 4 Players 2018

An evil entity called the Ancient has descended upon the land of Kilforth. The Heroes of the realm must become strong enough to defeat the evil before time runs out and all is lost. Are you brave enough to partake in this epic journey?


In order to set up the game you must form a 5×5 grid with the main city in the center. You must also choose a race card, a gender, a class, sagas for your hero and skills. There are also encounter cards, rewards and a lot of other stuff in order to complete the set up. Generally, Gloom of Kilworth is a game for experienced players, who want to embark on an adventure together either co-operative or competitive.
The game is played over 25 Days (rounds) that consists of two phases:

Daylight Phase: Heroes take turns performing Actions, Engagements and Deeds. Each hero has as many actions as his Health Points. Also, they must engage all enemies in their location if any. Actions include movement, rest, searching and many more. Some of the Deeds that you are able to perform are: forming a team, trading, attempting to defeat the Ancient.

Night Phase: A location falls to gloom, a Night effect resolves and all the heroes prepare for the next day. Gloom is making heroes to lose health and every turn it is spreading across the map.

The game ends after 25 Days and you lose if you have not beaten the Ancient until then.

Gloom of Kilforth has many role-playing elements. You travel to locations, defeat enemies, gain loot and camp for the night. It has a HUGE replay value as there are many classes and races that you can combine along with different sagas, enemies etc. The art is astonishing and you are immediately captivated by the story. Now you have the chance to get this game with even more content as it has returned to kickstarter with 3 new expansions. The price of the game is very reasonable if you consider the tons of components and the shipping costs are pretty normal for this size of game. If you are interested in partaking on a quest for defeating the Ancient evil check out Gloom of Kilforth!


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