Mythic Battles: Pantheon – Choose Your Olympian God for an Epic Battle!

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Category: Age: 14+ 60 - 90 Min 2 - 4 Players 2016
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The Titans escaped their prison in Tartarus and attacked the home of the Gods, Mount Olympus, trying to take their revenge for being imprisoned. It was a long battle, but in the end the Gods prevailed upon the Titans. However, the battle cost them their power and their immortality. Now, there is only one way for them to regain their power and this is by getting the energy stones called Omphalos. The first surviving God that will manage to absorb enough of this energy will become the new ruler of the Gods and will be able to create a new Pantheon in their own image.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon is a miniatures board game that features several game modes: from tactical battles against other Gods to scenarios and campaigns. There are Gods, heroes, monsters and troops with great and unique powers, and you can build your army with any combination you like. The game offers a combination of drafting forces, card management and special dice to enable skillful use of combos and player influence over chance.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon includes some impressive and incredibly detailed miniatures and it aims at taking you to an epic adventure across the devastated ruins of Ancient Greece. It has been launched on Kickstarter and it has already achieved its funding goal and keeps going!

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