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Category: Age: 13+ 20 Min 2 - 6 Players 2019

Pigeonpocalypse is a new, fast-paced family card game that just launched on Kickstarter!

Game Overview

In Pigeonpocalypse you take on the role of the defenders of a park! The armies of pigeon warriors, squirrel renegades, and other park residents have had enough of the intruders. Cute couples, violent grannies and corrupted businessmen are trespassing, making life in the park a nightmare. Now, it’s your turn to fight back and show them who’s in charge.

Pingeonpocalyse plays over a series of rounds where you will fight the various visitors until there is a winner.


Your goal is to be the first player reaching 15 points by strategically defending the park.

Card Types

There are three types of cards in the game, Minions and Special cards. Let’s take a deeper look at each type:


Minions are the main force of your power. Each Minion depicts an amount of power. The amount of your Minions’ power goes against your opponents’ Minions’ power.


Visitors are your source of points. Each Visitors depicts a number of points that you gain if you defeat them. Visitor cards are won by the player with the most power against that Visitor.

Special Cards

These are powerful cards that will let you bend the rules of the game, giving you the upper hand if using them correctly. Each Special card has a printed effect on it. Some can be played at any time while others on certain phases.

Game Setup

Minions and Special cards make the Park deck and Visitors the City deck. Each player will get 4 Park cards and a number of Visitor cards equal to the number of players will be face-up in the middle of the play area.
That’s all you need to start playing!

A Game Round

A round consists of three phases:

  1. Draw Phase: Visitor cards are refiled and all players draw 2 Park cards. In the first round of the game, this phase is skipped.
  2. Assigning Phase: Starting with the first player, you will be taking turns until the Assigning Phase ends.
    A player’s turn

    On your turn, you get to either play a Park card face-down on any Visitor or pass. If you choose to pass you won`t be able to play cards again this round.

    You will keep taking turns until all players pass, moving to the next phase.

  3. Revealing Phase: On this phase, all Park cards are revealed, checking which player wins each Visitor card.
    For each Visitor card, count each player’s power on that card. That is the total power of their Minion card(s). The player with the highest power will score that Visitor card. But beware, in case of a tie, no one gains the Visitor!
    Special cards can influence the Revealing phase in various ways, so make sure to use them wisely.

Game End

The game ends at the end of a round that at least one player has 15+ points. The player with the most points is the winner or you share the victory in case of a tie.

Who is this game for?

Pigeonpocalypse is what we call a getaway or a filler game. It’s simple to play and learn, fast to play and has a fun theme in my opinion. I can see this working exceptionally with people that are new to gaming or of young age. If you like easygoing card games with some bluffing and read-your-opponent elements, this might be the one for you!

KS Campaign

Pigeonpocalypse comes into three different Pledges:

  • A kid-friendly version with 56 cards for 2-4, at the cost of €22.
  • An extended 2-5 player version with 82 cards and NSFW cards included, at the cost of €31.
  • The complete 2-6 players version with 112 cards, NSFW & Kickstarter-exclusive cards! At a cost of €40.

Keep in mind that all pledges include all unlocked Stretch Goals and offer free shipping in the US!

Make sure to check out the campaign and choose the right pledge for you if you are interested in this humorous card game.


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