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Shadowscape – A Mini Dungeon Crawl Game

Category: Age: 13+ 45 - 60 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017
Designers: Artists: Publishers:

Shadowscape is a mini dungeon crawl set in the Mistfall universe with iconic Heroes from there and from the Heart of the Mists standalone expansion, all from the same designer.

The dungeon in each game is assembled randomly by creating a 5×5 grid of room cards. You can play the game competitively, cooperatively or solitaire and it will take no more than 60 minutes.
The game seems to offer some classic options of the genre, like fighting monsters, gaining treasures and items, managing your skills and challenging a dungeon lord. Each Hero comes with their unique four double-sided skill cards which when used are turned to the other side to reveal new options.
During the game, you will claim new objectives, loot and skills. These objectives, named “Whisper Cards”, will reward you with Shards which are essentially the Victory Points of the game. Thus in the competitive mode the player with the most Shards will be the winner. In the co-op mode you must eliminate the Dungeon Lord before the Fate Deck (grants players various effects/ used for Enemy movement) runs out.

The strong points of this game seem to be its variety on gameplay and its short play time for a dungeon crawler.  Through their campaign you may acquire the Heroes of Mistfall miniatures pack, containing 13 detailed miniatures that can also be used for Mistfall.

The Kickstarter campaign for Shadowscape is already funded and has many days to go. Whether you are a fan of the Mistfall universe or not make sure to check it out!

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