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Speakeasy Blues Overview!

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Category: 45 - 60 Min 2 - 4 Players 2018
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From a couple years old publisher Artana comes a game that will take you back in time, almost a hundred-year period back to the 20’s. The designers of the famous Sagrada are behind this beautiful light dice placement game, giving us another interesting theme to play on.


New York City 1920, gin joints or the so-called “speakeasies” are on the rise and people keep talking about them. Some old good piano filling the jazz vibes and the flappers on the dance floor make you a good night. You are an owner of such place and nightlife isn`t an easy one but it’s a sweet and good one for you.


Speakeasy Blues is a light and quick dice-placement game in which you play over the course of 10 rounds, trying to create the most influential Speakeasy. Your whole progress is taking place on your personal Speakeasy board where all your cards and tokens are placed. The order of your cards in the different available spots matter for using their abilities or not.
You start a Round by resolving some special events and contests that may occur in the city, influencing the game flow. The colored custom dice in the game is the way to use the various spaces on the board that represent an action. On your turn, you will choose a colored pair of dice from the pool and place them on the board to take actions. That way you can get various cards under your control and take advantage of them, depending on how you want to evolve and be involved. Crime, cops, gangsters, collections and more will be your means to victory.
At the end of the game, you will compare Favors, Reputation, hooch, Money, score Collections, Contests and special abilities, to create your final score. The player with the most points, of course, wins!

You can see good quality components, unique art style and interesting concepts in the mechanics of the game but what appeals the most to me is the theme. Atmospheric, interesting, with finesse. Brilliant idea incorporated into a family weight game so everyone can enjoy! The game is live on Kickstarter and can check it out here.


Kickstarter Video

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