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Category: Age: 14+ 60 - 120 Min 2 - 6 Players 2018
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Dreamcraft Games is a new publishing team, making their debut with Theosis. The game is released through a Kickstarter exclusive campaign which is already funded, with more than 300 backers!

Game Overview

Theosis is a worker placement and tactical combat game that takes place in two distinct phases. As a Demigod, you have a chance to win your place as a God by sending the mortal Heroes of your choice to battle. In the first phase, Heroes will get stronger and prepare for the upcoming battle. In the second phase, the arena battle begins. The last Hero standing will ascend their master to divinity!


A chance for a new God to arise appeared. You, Demigods, can now claim a place among Gods. Choose your mortal Heroes and have them compete for you, as only the survivor’s patron can be elevated to Godhood!


There are two ways to win, both in the Battle Phase. The first is to eliminate all your enemies, having only your team in the arena. If there is no winner until the 9th round, the game ends. Then, if a player has one of their Heroes standing at the central hexagon of the board, they win. Thus, this is the second way to win! Lastly, if there is no Hero at the central hex after the 9th round, no player wins!

Basic Flow

First of all, you have to select your Heroes, trying to create a strong team of 2,3 or 4 characters, according to the number of players. These characters have health, spaces for equipment and three unique skills that can be triggered by spending a mana token. After choosing your team you are ready to begin the Preparation phase. Each character comes with a miniature which will be sent each round on a location, benefiting you with various actions.

Preparation Phase

This phase consists of 6 rounds, that’s the “time” you have to prepare for the epic battle! In clockwise order, you allocate your Heroes, one by one, in different spots.
One condition is that the first character used each round has to be placed on a quest space, which gives you the following:

  • A unique benefit.
  • Gain a power card. You can only use these cards on the arena phase, creating a strategic and deterministic battle. These depict a defense and attack value along with a unique effect.
  • Move the alignment marker. All Heroes have an alignment and by moving this marker some alignments will win the favor of the gods, giving a benefit to such Heroes!

Sending the rest of your team to the right locations is up to you, as each gives you a special benefit. You can get harsh on others, try to gain the best equipment, play strategically with turn order and more. After using all your Heroes it’s time for the round to end with an Artifact bidding! Artifacts are powerful equipment which can change the tide of battle with their pure power. You will get to bid for such an item at the end of each round with your gold.

Battle Phase

After the 6th round, you will be ready to enter the arena! Now, the favor of the Gods (alignment) and your gold will determine the turn order of your fighters. This is an important aspect of the game as you can be one attack away from victory, so, whoever strikes first can have the upper hand! The battle can go on up to the 9th round, where the game ends regardless of having a winner or not.

The battle phase has quite some choices going one while keeping things simple. You can do various things like moving, attacking, triggering skills, spells and more. The power cards and equipment you accumulated in the previous phase will be vital for your performance in the arena. Likewise, tactical thinking and positioning can help you dominate.

There are more details that we didn`t cover about the game, such as types of damages, Rituals, ranges and more. But these are enough for you to take a taste of the game’s flow and goal!

KS Campaign

Theosis is having a successful campaign, even getting to unlock their first stretch goal for cooperative and solo mode! The game features a good variety of high-quality components and stunning aesthetics, with the team being there to answer every question. There are no that many days left to back it, so make sure to check it out if it picked your interest and fight for Godhood!

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