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After a few quite boring Kickstarter months the platform is on fire! Many great games went live at the same time with “HATE” and “NEMESIS” being in the top tier, having exploding reactions through the community for many different reasons.
Tiny Epic Zombies” from the “Tiny Epic” Series is another strong campaign currently over 150K pledged and of course, funded. This is the 2nd game by “Gamelyn Games” that uses their “ITEMeePles”! Mini artifacts and items that Meeples can hold on their hands, a very cool visual aspect that adds to the game experience. Especially in a theme like zombies where you get to hold many different deadly weapons to go through the hordes

Game & Campaign Overview
The first thing that you will and must notice is the amazing video of the campaign. Extremely well made, kinda funny and extra cool! Giving you a gasp of what you would expect of a zombie killing game with weapon bearing Meeples!

Five play modes are available in the game, fully cooperative or competitive, solo, Coop Vs zombie player and competitive Vs zombie player. All seem interesting in their own regard giving you choices depending on the mood which is always a good thing to have.

There is been an outbreak at the Echo Ridge Mall and as survivors you must complete 3 objectives to win the game. If you play as the Zombies you have to either kill all survivors or take control of the Mall’s courtyard.

Game Flow
Your turn is quite simple as it seems, you will make up to three moves and then search the current room. A move consists of up to four steps in the following order:
– Move 1 Room, which means you will move to an adjacent room. In the game you will be constantly moving and killing, making feel tense!
– Kill 1 Zombie, by either completing a melee attack (rolling the Zombie die) or a ranged attack in an adjacent room by paying 1 ammo (keep reading).
– Use the room’s ability if it is empty of zombies and
– Collect items if, as mentioned, is free of zombies.

We won`t go into details but you will have to take advantage of rooms, items, character abilities in a way that may feel like a puzzle, everything towards completing your objective.
After moving up to three times you will reveal a Search card that was dealt to you face-down, which is something found on the room you ended up in and can be claimed in a future turn if the room is safe.

Survivors have an interesting life bar that has the Ammo on the right end and the wounds taken on the left end of the same track. When these two markers meet you will be eaten alive and turn into a zombie!
The Zombie player will follow three steps in general, checking for noise, adding new zombies and place a Search card to a survivor. The first step will let you activate certain abilities if the humans are too noisy, the second lets you strengthen your forces and the last will let you influence what the survivors will find.
The objectives have a specific flow of events on them, with a specific setup, steps of completion, extra components and gameplay. Different ones will alter your strategy and flow of play, adding high replay value to the game.

In general, this seems like a very true campaign. With that I mean that it will deliver everything that it promises, like high quality components and aesthetics, tense and fast-paced gameplay, an epic experience in a tiny box. I believe that they done it for another time, stepping up the game once more. Check out Tiny Epic Zombies campaign to check out all the awesome stretch goals and KS exclusives revealed!

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