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Welcome to the Land of Zion

Category: Age: 13+ 45 - 90 Min 2 - 4 Players 2017
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October4th. Exactly one week from now! Mark this date for a new TCG with board gaming elements is coming into our lives! Land of Zion is starting up on Kickstarter and it deserves our support! A really great game with amazing art and exceptional music!

Centuries ago there was a lush and beautiful land named Zion. In the center of this kingdom stood the gleaming city of Lux ruled by a wise and loving king and the citizens’ hearts were full of joy. One day a dark force, known as Tenebris, arose from the deep places of the earth. Soon, bitterness and jealousy welled up in the hearts of the people and they became discontent. Tenebris grew and festered until the people of Zion succumbed to darkness. Out of this darkness, the people rose up in defiance to their king. The world was changed and the king was gone. Great chasms had formed, separating the land into seven continents. Without a king to unite them, seven kingdoms arose from the newly formed continents and turned their hatred upon each other. The world now knew only war and brutality.

However, when humanity was on the brink of ruin and all seemed lost, hope broke through. There was a whisper speaking of a long lost king and a magnificent race of people. It spoke of light shattering the darkness and it spoke of the king returning! The stones of the earth now pulsed with power and spoke into the souls of the people. Through these stones, the king gave a warning; Tenebris, the great darkness which had consumed the earth, was gathering its forces for one final battle.

Land of Zion is a new TCG (Trading Card Game)/Board game that offers a variety of elements, such as resource management and tactical gameplay. The game is for 2 to 4 players played on a grid-based playmat.

Players control characters and engage in strategic battles across a battlefield against their opponent’s characters. Each character in the Land of Zion possesses unique abilities to use in the field of battle, indicated by the colors on the bottom of each card. Each turn, you will be drawing resource cards to be able to use abilities and move your characters across the battlefield to attack your opponent’s characters. The first player to bring all of the opponent’s character’s HP (Health Points) to 0 is the winner.

Land of Zion isn’t a standard deck building game. You are building a simple deck of 3 characters (3 character cards and 3 ability cards). These cards have multiple uses and options, so while you don’t have a standard deck size of 60 cards, you have a myriad of options with fewer cards. It is a game with a quick setup and quick learning curve, but with a deep level of strategy.

The initial release and standard play for Land of Zion will be PVP (player vs player – either 1v1 or 2v2), but a single and multiple (team based) player campaign is being developed. This version of the game will include non-character class type enemies and boss battles, using the same ability system as the base game and will not require a GM to administer.

Let’s make this game a reality!


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