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Risk Legacy introduced this revolutionary concept, the “Legacy system”, in which the game changes over time based on the outcome of each game and the various choices made by players. I used the word revolutionary because players will make physical changes to the game itself by marking the board/cards, placing stickers and destroying components, something that it may be really disturbing for a Gamer of this industry!

This one of a kind experience was the spark for more games like this. Almost a year ago “Pandemic Legacy” came to life and dethroned “Twilight Struggle” in just a few months, becoming the Rank 1 board game in the popular database site boardgamegeek. Nowadays another Legacy game came to the scene by Plaidhat Games, “Seafall”, making it’s depute in GenCon as one of the most anticipated games of the convention.

Finally, we have the announcement of “Ultimate Werewolf Legacy” that blew away everyone’s minds, by Bezier Games. Ultimate Werewolf is for many the king of hidden role social deduction games and fusing this with the Legacy system made many people to not believe into their own eyes!

The designers of the game are Ted Alspach (known for the Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, the One Night Ultimate series and more) and Rob Daviau (known for Heroscape, Pandemic and Risk Legacy and more), father of the Legacy mechanic. The creation of a Legacy game takes the time and effort of making two or three normal games and this is one of the reasons why the experienced Rob Daviau designed or was part of the designing team on almost all Legacy game so far.

I think we will see more Legacy games coming in the next years but not so many due to its difficult and time consuming designing progress. For now we are all fired up about the unique experience that Ultimate Werewolf holds for us, coming in 2017!

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