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Mythic Battles Pantheon Painting Guide – Ep.1: Spartans

Category: Age: 14+ 60 - 90 Min 1 - 4 Players 2017

Watch a beginner’s guide to painting minis. In this first episode of Mythic Battles Pantheon Painting Guide, ThaBz paints:  the SpartansMythic Battles Pantheon is a board game by Monolith Board Games and Mythic Games and was a huge success on Kickstarter in 2017.

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TableTop PaintLab ThaBz

Fan of tv series, movies and graphic novels, I like to play games that tell stories. That led me to start painting the miniatures of my boardgames and then models for war games and miniature games in general. I also like to build and paint terrain that matches the game for more immersive experience. I think miniature painting is an easy enough hobby to start if you have the right guidance and it is a process that rewards you with the final result. So, if you are interested, come to my channel to see my painting guides and start your journey to the hobby.