Stronghold Games

The Dragon & Flagon

The Dragon & Flagon is a tavern where an exceptional and magical drink is served, the Dragon. According to the legend, one sip of this drink is enough to give someone abilities that they could only dream of! However, there... more!

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars takes place during the 2400s, when living conditions on earth are so hard, that people decide to make Mars a habitable environment, so that they can move there. Some giant corporations compete against each other, trying to terraform... more!

Great Western Trail

In Great Western Trail, you are ranchers in America during the 19th century and you have herds of cattle, which you take from south Texas to Houston, by train. This gives you money and victory points. You must hire capable... more!


“Jorvik” is what the Vikings called one of the biggest cities of England, which is today known as York. Jorvik was a great commercial and developed center during the Viking era. So, in the game, you are Viking jarls and... more!