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I once had Mage Knight, an epic adventure game that I tried hard to acquire. It’s not an easy game to play or win and takes a lot of your time to complete. This is not something that bothers me as I play from little 10-minute games to big 6 hour games like this, but not everyone is like that. Sometimes you have to buy or keep games depending on what your friends and people that you play with enjoy, because it’s a shame for a game to stay on the shelf.
That was the case with Mage Knight! We were always around 3 or 4 players and almost anyone that I started to play this game with was in a grumbling mood, whining about that they couldn`t move properly, for not having enough options or even that they already lost the game. I knew that it wasn`t totally the game’s fault because I really enjoy it and it’s an epic experience but its complexity made it difficult for some people to fully grasp it and enjoy it.
That being said, I can stand these kinds of behaviors in small games but we are talking about a possible 6-8 hours game with people complaining all the time. We dropped the game almost any time and that made it stay on the shelf for a long time until I decide to let it go and give the opportunity for other people to enjoy it.
This is a generic story, not from a specific game night, but I share this in order to point out two things. First of all, know where you are getting to before playing a game. If you don`t like a specific kind of games don`t try them if you are going to be biased about them or you know that you won`t enjoy them. Secondly, games are played for fun, the experience and to socialize. Even if you get into a situation that you can`t enjoy don’t ruin it for the others too, as you chose to participate. Of course if you can`t stand to play a game, share politely your thoughts and that you can`t play it anymore. We hurt both games and people by not communicating and ignoring other people’s feelings.

In the gaming gatherings people still refer to me as the person who gave Mage Knight away, I am a sinful person! 😛

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