My Story is About: "Settlers" of Catan

Imperialism in Catan – part 1

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The story of Catan

 Life on our island was simple before the ships arrived, we harvested the land and tended the herds to provide for our families. From the trees and the earth we took what we needed to build our villages and so we lived in peace for centuries.

 When we first spotted the ships on the horizon it was a happy day, traders had come before in our island and brought us wonders to trade for our goods, but this time the people who came were different.

 Three ships came, bearing flags of white, black and green and each made port in a different part of the island and out came knights on horseback, masons and lords. They came to the villages and asked for workers promising riches to those who joined them and the people flocked to do the work they asked.

 In less than two week six settlements were already buzzing with life and roads were starting to expand but the toll it took on the land was already starting to worry our people.

Great swathe of forest were cut down and the face of mountains changed forever, the herds of sheep started to dwindle and carts filled with corn went in the settlements to feed the newcomers.

 Still more villagers flocked to the new settlements.

 In another two week one of the settlements had transformed almost overnight into a towering city, roads reaching deep into the island towards the other settlement flying the green flag.

In the meantime the Lords of the white and the black settlements were busy building roads that led into the harbors of the island.

 It was at the start of the second month that me and my brothers made up our minds and decided that enough was enough and on the seventh day we took off from our hamlet in the mountains and moved into the forest near the city of the Green Lords, twice the Lords tried to pillage those woods and twice they were made to regret that decision. We even managed to hit a convoy of the White Lords making them lose valuable cargo and cutting their resources in half.

 A week went by and we repelled yet another party of trespassers, them being our fellow countrymen only made it harder.

And that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

The Green city opened its gate and a knight came out followed by his entourage, in that moment we knew that we were no match for the Lords of the great cities and we fled to the western part of the island, deep into the stone quarries determined free our island from the invaders…

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Former adventurer that settled down and became an Innkeeper, I still dabble in the magic of gaming when my duties allow it and always love a good challenge. Running the Dragonphoenix Inn, a gaming cafe for the better part of my life after spending my youth knee-deep in RPG's, Card Games and PC gaming. On my spare time, I can be found reading, mostly sci-fi and horror nowadays, dancing like a maniac and having the occasional glass of Gin(in case you want to buy me a drink someday).

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