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Small games, great experiences


I play board games for many years now and i like all genres, more or less. So as time goes by many may say that you will try to find games with more meat that offer a rich gaming experience. But it doesn’t mean that we have to ignore small and easy games because the people that we play with play the biggest part in creating a fun and unique experience. Because games are a stimulus.
The game we played and I am quite good at, is Speed Cups. A dexterity speed game that experienced players may figure out the rules by just seeing the box cover. So simple but can be used as an ice breaker and create a lot of fun. Apart from the laughs and funny moments, as people rush to complete the active card by making the correct row or column by stacking the cups, i can remember the adrenaline flow and anxiety that this game creates!
I am, as a gamer, pretty competitive, so i still can’t forget as the last card was played the look on each player’s faces. Whoever won that card would be the winner, we managed to get to that point! I couldn’t win the card and the game at the end but i could feel my heart going crazy for the next few minutes, as everyone else.
My point is that even simplicity and good company can offer some memorable moments, so say yes to experiences and laugh. Many characterize this game as “kids” game, but i am always on for a deadly match, bring it on!

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