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So, it was one of those nights in the Dragonphoenix’s Inn. There were 8 of us, thus we split into two groups.

In the one of the groups we decided to take the plunge and have a try at A Feast for Odin. That’s a stunning incredible game. To me, Uwe has made something really mind-blowing this time.
Your aim in the game is to take a Norman tribe and make it develop. You have to feed your people, make pasturelands etc., and then send them to raid settlements where they will get loot or have them explore.

The rules of the game actually have nothing to remind of Uwe’s former games. Well, yes the truth is that he does use a system like patchwork, with which you try to clear the board, your islands and houses of all negative VPs. Yes, you do have to feed your family, as in Caverna and Agricola.

But, when you play this game, you are offered a totally new experience, even though you notice things like those mentioned above. Lots of workers, plenty worker spots, endless decisions to make… pff… The game ends and you know that you have played something that is massive and amazing, however you need to play it many many times so that you can finally get the feeling of it.

As for the other group, while we were exploring lands with the Vikings, they were fighting against Ithaqua and his followers in an Eldritch Horror game.

I don’t know how and why, but they seemed to have a great time, especially after winning. While we were still playing, they were having a discussion that sounded so familiar comparing Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror, while they were also talking about the strategies and experiences of the players during the game.

That was an evening and there will definitely be more evenings to come like this!

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