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How to play Cyber Odyssey – Story of a game | s4 e2


What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is a how to play video I made for Cyber Odyssey board game by The Red Joker!

The game has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and you can preorder here:

Kickstarter page:

Cyber Odyssey is an open world cyberpunk board game with investigation at its core.

Play as the head of a Faction, recruit agents and send them all over the 5 Districts of New Eden to discover what goes wrong in this city…

Turn after turn, during a definite number of day, player will choose between great amount of actions in order to gather clue, or advantages. They can even fight for them on separate tactical boards.

If a player manages to gather all the clues before everyone, they get to win. Otherwise, each player will add up their clue points which will give the final score.

Designer: Pascal Bernard
Artists: Eric Belisle, Nicolas Jamme, Paolo Parente
Publisher: The Red Joker

Intro: 0:00
Story of a game 1:30
How to play 2:10
Outro 9:33

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