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Top 10 OOP alternatives

by Rahdo

| Your Opinion

Rahdo Runs Through:

A video detailing 10 games Rahdo would suggest if you can’t buy 10 other games.
Spoilers below…

10. Palaces of Carrara → Isle of Skye
09. Rococo → Kanban
08. Fjords → Taluva
07. Space Hulk Death Angel → Apocalypse Chaos
06. Ginkgopolis → Guilds of London
05. SOS Titanic → Onirim
04. Carcassonne the Castle → Mercado
03. 7th continent → Arkham Horror the Card Game
02. Walnut Grove → Fields of Green
01. Glory to Rome → La Granja

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Rahdo Runs Through

Hi, I film a series of boardgame video runthroughs that show, rather than tell, what a game really feels like to play. You'll find those videos here on Youtube. About me: I'm a 40+ year old videogame designer, American but living in Europe for the last several years, currently retired (hopefully it'll stick). I play boardgames almost exclusively 2p with my wife, Jen, and we generally prefer games that are heavy but not too aggressive (though we can make an exception in some cases). So those are the kinds of games you'll see me covering here.