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Top 10 Upcoming Expansion in 2022 | The R&R Show #23


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Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now… the 13th episode of The R&R Show! Rahdo and Ruel talk board games! For more Ruel, check

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Top 10 CGE Games:

Top 10 Games from CGE

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Playlist: The R&R Show

0:00 Intro & What’s On Rahdo’s Table?
4:26 Contest Details
6:36 Top 10 Upcoming Expansions in 2022
8:35 10. Dominion: Allies
10:57 9. Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives
14:17 8. Architects of the West Kingdom: Works of Wonder
16:40 7. The Pursuit of Happiness: Nostalgia
20:21 6. Canvas: Reflections
22:55 5. The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire – Cold War
26:36 4. Riftforce: Beyond
30:23 3. Tapestry: Arts & Architecture
35:12 2. Flamme Rouge: Grand Tour
38:16 1. Roll Camera: The B-Movie Expansion
40:45 Outro

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