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Sidequest: 7th Sea – A Cinematic Story (Components Showcase)

Category: Age: 14+ 90 - 120 Min 1 - 4 Players 2023

What’s up everyone? I’m Thanos and this is a components showcase video I made for Sidequest: 7th Sea by Board & Dice @boarddice5001.
The game is set in the world of the popular 7th Sea TTRPG system !

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Hurry! From what you’ve heard in the inn the Dragonsteel Shield can be found in Nüllrode, but the Inquisition is already on their way! You’re lucky they chose to use the roads – you can overtake them using the shortcut. A few hours, two terrified settlements, and one totally honorable saber duel later, you are here. The village looks boring, but there is an old, pagan chapel, seemingly sealed tightly. Sneaking in is not an option, so it’s time to get these doors open!

Get inside the chapel and reach for treasure before others! SideQuest: 7th Sea is an escape room-style game set in the world of well-known TTRPG system 7th Sea, published by Chaosium.

Designer: Jakub Caban, Bartosz Idzikowski
Artist: Zbigniew Umgelter, Aleksander Zawada
Publisher: Board&Dice, Lockme

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