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Uganda Village Board Game Convention 2018

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Following last year’s successful event, here comes the Uganda Village Board Game Convention for 2018. This is one of CYEN’s (Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network) initiatives. It’s name is Gamechangers, and teaches young teenagers from remote villages valuable skills through board games and other gaming activities (RPG, LARP Etc.).

Their first convention was funded last year in August on Crowdfunder along with support by Hub Games. Now, they are back to the platform and successfully funded already!

They money raised will be used to support the convention at first, by buying the appropriate amount and type of equipment(tables,chairs Etc.). After the event, these will be also used in the nursery and to also improve their sleeping facilities. In addition, by raising a higher amount they can extend into new districts and youth organisations in Northern Uganda, giving to more people the opportunity to experience this unique event.

Mr. Ben Parkinson from CYEN told me: “We hope to raise the profile of boardgaming in Uganda as a helpful educational tool, for children and adults alike and work with youth to create new game designs that can help support individuals through their education and beyond”.

Take a taste of Uganda Village Board Game Convention 2017

I wasn’t aware of last year’s event or the other projects they make but I`m glad to be introduced to them. Gaming and it’s principles can be a powerful asset if used properly, especially in education as youth can learn by experience vital skills. In my journey in the board gaming Industry so far, I have seen more people supporting this way of teaching, it’s noble and fascinating.

On their campaign, you can further learn about all their other initiatives in Uganda and have some inspiration, so make sure to read everything they have to say!

Check and support the Uganda Village Board Game Convention 2018 project!


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