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Year 2016. The first chapter is written by Thanos Potossis.

Based in Greece with core audience in USA, Boardgame Stories began as a news website for board games and through the years it evolved into promoting crowdfunding campaigns and creating professional cinematic trailers for board games.

With over 20 years of experience as gamers and expertise in cinematography, crowdfunding campaigns, digital marketing and web technologies, Boardgame Stories brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the board game industry. Through the years we have collaborated and created strong relationships with the publishers we have worked with.

Our team’s dedication and professionalism have positioned Boardgame Stories as trusted partners within the industry. Our team specializes in: content coverage, videos, newsletters, giveaways, interviews, Facebook ads and in consulting, supporting and promoting crowdfunding campaigns.

It’s essential to have a multifaceted strategy to reach and connect with
your target audience effectively so…

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