About Us

Welcome to Boardgame Stories Land!

Leave your baggage at the Inn and let us introduce ourselves!

We are a group of people with different tastes, opinions and habits, but what has brought us together is our love for board games. Our team consists of board gamers and board game designers, and we hope to grow bigger in size and skills! We write reviews of games we like and express our personal opinions based on our gaming experience. We publish articles with news about board games that come out and/or run on Kickstarter! We also take interviews from game designers and companies that produce new games, so as to better inform people and give a bit of a background story! Finally we offer some print n play downloads just for fun, but also as a thank you to our fans and readers!

These are just appetizers! We have many things in mind and bright new ideas, in order to offer a great side-­gaming experience to all the board gaming community. All these will be revealed to you in time, as we are starting off, by the Capital of our Land and specifically the Inn in which many kinds of Stories are heard inside its walls! In time, we will expand the city limits with more buildings, places of interest and new sections will gradually be introduced to the website. So  you can expect many things to come in the near future! Don’t miss out!

Now you can take a look around!

In this Land, you will learn what’s going on in the world of board games. You can speak freely and comment about what you find out and talk with other fellow board gamers and if you listen closely you will hear its stories…! You can wander in the alleys, take pictures, see its landmarks and discover its secrets!

You can also sign up on our “guest book” and create a character which will give you benefits along the way, such as earning ranks and badges according to the degree of your participation (reading articles, commenting, daily visits, etc).

Note that if you want to become a contributing member of our team, author, journalist, etc, or if you are an entrepreneur who just arrived to our Land with brand new ideas and you would like to settle down and share them with us, just fill out the contact form or send us an email!

Now it’s time to meet the contributing and founding members of this great Land:

Name: Thanos
Username: NinjaBoy
Class: Co-Founder, Author
Favorite Games: Seasons, Arkham Horror, Robinson Crusoe, Descent
Special Abilities: Playing Bass Guitar, Listening to Music, Taking Walks

Background Story:

I am a Web Developer and I ‘ve been wandering in the world of board games for about 13 years now. I’m really excited to have created this website with the woman I love (the little elf on the right), since board games are our mutual hobby. I feel blessed to have found people to work with, that share common goals and dreams with me!

We all want to create something beautiful for the board gaming community, which will co-exist and play along (!) with the games that come out. I would call this website a game for all board games!

Name: Matina
Username: Ireth
Class: Co-Founder, Author
Favorite Games: Tzolkin, The Castles of Burgundy, Betrayal at House on the Hill
Special Abilities: Reading Books, Listening to the Music I Love, Going Out With Friends to Explore New Tiles on the City Map

Background Story:

I am that little elf and I got to know the world of board games along with NinjaBoy several years ago. So we both ended up getting hooked on playing, until we finally decided to create this website, so that boardgamers from all over the world will gather around.

I am a translator and a copywriter. Making this site, as well as working on it every single day, has been a great experience and we are happy to know that it has brought together people who share the same love for board games. So, choose your character, shuffle your deck and roll your dice, for there are some board game stories here to explore!

Name: Carl
Username: CatLord
Favorite Games: Legend of Korra Pro-Bending Arena, Mice & Mystics, Dragon Strike
Special Abilities: Fencer, Leather crafter, Puns

Background Story:

I am a Lifelong player of board and roleplaying games – from childhood, where I would learn the games and then make new rules for my ideas, to university where I was an officer for a club devoted to gaming, to the modern day where I review and give feedback to games, as well as tinker with my own aspirations of game design.