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Many articles are published on our website, which are provided by the BoardGameStories editorial team or by external partners. The material that is provided by BoardGameStories is always accompanied by the author’s permission and the corresponding permission for the material used for an article to be edited. No republication of an entire article appearing on our website is permitted. Only the initial part of articles (the introduction appearing on the main page for each article or the first paragraph) and pictures appearing on the main page can be republished, always with reference to the author and BoardGameStories, while it is necessary that the link (URL) referring to the specific article of BoardGameStories appear as well. For any other kind of usage of the BoardGameStories content, you must get written permission from BoardGame Stories. In order to get permission for republishing or using part of the BoardGameStories content, please contact us through the communication form.

All articles published on boardgamestories.com follow the specific Creative Commons terms:

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the articles and videos belong solely to the author, reviewer who wrote the article or is featured in the video and not necessarily to the BoardGame Stories’ team, founders, other authors or individuals.

If, for any reason, you believe that the material used in any of the articles does not have the permission to be used or that it violates some of the Creative Commons rules or ethics rules, then please contact us through the [email protected] or through our website’s communication form.

Boardgamestories.com offers its services according to the following terms of use, which the users should carefully read and use these services, on condition that they completely accept the terms and consent to their implementation. By using in any way the boardgamestories.com website, you completely accept the specific terms of use, which are a binding agreement between you and the creators of boardgamestories.com and stand as if you have signed them.

In case of any future modification of these terms of use, your using boardgamestories.com, signifies your accepting these new terms and your commitment to them.



Boardgamestories.com does not collect any personal data of the users, since users do not have to give their personal data at any point. Communication with the boardgamestories.com administrator is achieved through e-mail and is treated with complete confidentiality. Boardgamestories.com is bound not to use your e-mail address to send any kind of spam. It is entitled though to send newsletters regarding the functionality or services of boardgamestories.com, unless users are opposed to this, in which case they will have to address to [email protected].



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Indicatively, and not restrictively, no copying, modification, distribution or unauthorized usage of the software and content of boardgamestories.com is allowed, without the administrator’s permission.

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Indicatively, and not restrictively, users are not allowed to use the services of boardgamestories.com for:

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Users of boardgamestories.com are not allowed to publish comments that indicatively and not restrictively:

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The administrator of boardgamestories.com is not responsible for the publication of any offensive or illegal material in its comments. In case he is notified through an e-mail for the offensive or illegal material, he is entitled to remove the specific material, as soon as possible.



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Boardgamestories.com does not guarantee the accuracy, validity or correctness of information (in any form and if provided, e.g. pictures, texts, graphics etc.) that is included in it. Considering the quality and quantity of the Internet information, in any circumstances, including negligence, boardgamestories.com is not responsible for any kind of damage caused on the users of the pages, services and content of boardgamestories.com, which they use on their own initiative.

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Boardgamestories.com grants no explicit guarantee that its pages, services, functions, selections and content will be provided with no interruption or errors at all and that mistakes will be corrected. Moreover, boardgamestories.com does not guarantee that the specific site or any other site working with it or the servers through which they are at users’ disposal, do not contain any “viruses” or other damaging material.

In no case, is boardgamestories.com, its team’s members or anyone else associated to it responsible for any damage caused to you by using boardgamestories.com.



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All the above terms are stipulated as essential. If any regulation of the above terms is against the law, it ceases by right to be in effect and is removed, and under no circumstances is the validity of the other terms affected.

This is an agreement between boardgamestories.com and the users of its services and only those are confined by it. No modification of these terms will be taken into consideration and be part of this agreement, unless it has been formulated in writing and incorporated into it. For any discrepancy between boardgamestories.com and a user, an extrajudicial and reconciliatory settlement of the discrepancy will be necessary.



By taking part in any competition organized by boardgamestories.com, you accept the terms of use of this website and you also accept the sharing of your name in the process of election of the winners. Winners are informed through the social media or through e-mails and have a seven-day deadline in which they must respond, in order to receive their gifts. They are not entitled to receive them, after seven days have passed and the gift is allotted to another winner. All gifts are sent through courier or post, depending on each occasion.

If you do not agree with the specific Terms of Use, you may not use the services of boardgamestories.com.