Age: 10+ 60 - Min 2 - 4 Players 2017

In Dogs, each one of you is the owner of an Animal Rescue Center trying to save stray dogs in the city and its surrounding areas. Each game is made up of three phases:

In Phase 1, you move around the city map looking for lost dogs and you can stop on the space with the dog you want to rescue. Some of the dogs instantly provide you with financial rewards, while some abandoned dogs need to be taken to the Rescue Center for food and medical care. When rescued, the dogs are placed in your kennels, however, there are certain rules to be followed about which dog can be placed in each kennel.

In Phase 2, players take turns placing their meeples on one of five action spots: the Town Hall, the Warehouse, the Pet Shop, the Veterinary and the Dog Fair. On those spots, you can perform important actions, but you should bear in mind that only two meeples are allowed on each space, so be wise when choosing your action! These action spaces provide food, medicine and expansions for your kennels that you need in order to run your shelter successfully.

In Phase 3, you feed your dogs, pay your workers’ salaries and get ready for the next round.

After a certain number of rounds has been completed, the player whose kennel has the highest score wins the game.