Star Saga


1 - 5 Players 2017

Star Saga is a science fiction dungeon-crawler game, with strong story-telling elements and game scenarios, set in Mantic’s evocative Warpath Universe.

Players set out on a mission as a team of mercenaries, aiming at retrieving stolen data plans from a highly guarded research facility, orbiting a far-off alien world. Players will take on minions and powerful alien bosses and will have to make hard decisions and choices, as the story takes unexpected twists and turns.

Being the spiritual sequel to 2014’s Dungeon Saga, Star Saga introduces a true RPG dungeon crawler experience, with deeper narrative elements and completely new solo gameplay, which allows the game itself to take the role of the villain with simple card-based Al.

Star Saga features classic dungeon crawler mechanics. Players can move their characters through the environment opening doors, picking up loot and revealing more parts of the board as the game progresses. Dice are used in order to resolve combats, while each player has their own game card, which depicts all statistics, abilities and special rules, allowing them to learn the game as they play.