Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black


Age: 14+ 30 - 60 Min 1 - 5 Players 2017

You are in space and want to extend your horizons and travel to the unknown, so as to discover new galaxies. For this reason, you need to upgrade your spaceships and hire experienced pilots. Each pilot has a special ability, and you should bear in mind that hiring the pilot who is specialized in the type of your ship is really important, since a pilot specialized in many ships, will have a weak special ability.

What is more, Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black rewards you every time you take risks and choose to move further to the unknown, even though you have no idea what is hidden out there. You may find rare materials, planets that give you victory points or you may encounter the threat of a solar storm, a black hole or a supernova. The most fearless player will get extra victory points at the end of the game.

Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black is a full-box expansion for Tiny Epic Galaxies and it introduces new ships, planets and secret missions to explore. It also features a press-your-luck option and set collection mechanism.