Vampire Hunters


Age: 13+ 90 - Min 1 - 4 Players 2017

Vampire Hunters is a fully cooperative miniature-based game for 1-4 players. You are Hunters and you find yourselves in a Vampire den, where you and your partners will use classic weapons, such as stakes, holy water and crossbows in order to kill these bloodthirsty creatures. The sunlight is also a powerful ally, since you can burn vampires during the day by tearing down the windows. You will work together so as to make combination attacks and you will learn new skills that will help you on your mission.

However, when the night comes, things get really hard. Round by round time ticks on until sundown and the Awakening. At that moment, all Vampires wake up and all doors are opened!

You can play Vampire Hunters in different ways: in a cooperative mode, in which you are the Hunters and the Vampires are controlled by the game’s cards, in a competitive mode with a scoring system to find who the best Hunter is and finally, you can play full campaigns.

Be ready for a unique vampire hunting, but make sure that you will not get bitten!