BoardGame Stories Expansion!


We are out there searching for authors, video reviewers, content uploaders and people who you like to get involved with the BoardGame Stories Land Happenings!

BoardGame Stories  is an “adventure” made by a group of people who love playing, designing and telling their stories about any kind of tabletop games. We have just entered the “web dungeon” and we try our best to inform people about the magical world of games. Currently, our website features news, reviews, video trailers,  free pnp games and there are many more things to come! Next Section to include in the website is the Stories section! We are all very excited about this whole attempt and we want to create something beautiful for all the board gamers around the world!

We seek for people passionate about board games, rpgs, ccgs, lcgs, miniatures etc. If you are eager to express yourself, tell the world how you feel about your favorite games or tell your stories and experiences from your board gaming journeys, come and join one our team! Contact us now and become a BoardGame Stories member!

Thank you!
BoardGame Stories Team