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This section features overviews and how to play videos of board games!
Lance takes you on a board gaming journey explaining the rules and giving you a full overview of how the games are played.

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Path of Light and Shadow

17 May, 2017 | Your Opinion

In this video Lance and Travis Chance – one of the designers of the game, talk about Path of Light and Shadow  and play through some of the turns of the game so people can see it in action! Also you... more!

Dice of Crowns

25 April, 2017 | Your Opinion

Dice of Crowns is a fast paced game of luck and strategy where 7 dice are rolled, with each die representing the results of scheming to claim the throne.

Aeon’s End

25 April, 2017 | Your Opinion

Aeon’s End is a cooperative deck-building game, in which you use your unique abilities and spells, in order to protect Gravehold from the Nameless.

Dungeons of Infinity

25 April, 2017 | Your Opinion

In Dungeons of Infinity, you explore an unknown dungeon that is randomly created with up to 5 heroes. It can be played as a single game or campaign either cooperatively or competitively.