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This section will help you find and learn the game you want to play. It features videos with rules of board games, how to play videos and overviews!

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7 July, 2017 | Your Opinion

This video is an overview using a prototype copy of Wendake which is funding on Kickstarter. Lance will talk about the different features of the game including: player board, game board, player actions, game turns, and winning conditions.

Dark Souls: The Board Game

16 June, 2017 | Your Opinion

Dark Souls: The board game is an exploration game for 1-4 players. This video includes: component breakdown, player and board setup, encounter setup, enemy turn, player turn, boss setup, boss movement and combat, secondary setup.

Path of Light and Shadow

17 May, 2017 | Your Opinion

In this video Lance and Travis Chance – one of the designers of the game, talk about Path of Light and Shadow  and play through some of the turns of the game so people can see it in action! Also you... more!