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Sweet Mess Playthru

14 April, 2018 |
Sara, Will, Ryan, and Melissa play through Sweet Mess: Recipe Race. It’s a dexterity game that comes with Sweet Mess, a new board game from Big Kid Games. Sweet Mess is a medium weight, set collection board game, and it’s... more!

Tiny Epic Zombies Full Playthrough

29 March, 2018 |
JonGetsGAmes Full Playthrough:  Tiny Epic Zombies! Paid sponsorship by Gamelyn Games. You can find and download a print and play version of the game in the Hidden Dungeon!

Sorcerer City Full Playthrough

24 March, 2018 |
JonGetsGAmes Full Playthrough: Sorcerer City! Paid sponsorship of a tile laying, deck building, strategy game by Druid City Games. Its already funded on Kickstarter and has a few days to go.  So if you haven’t decided to back it yet, this video will... more!