Greater Than Games

Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins

Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins takes place in 2299. The Great War left only ruins in Dubai, but now it’s time for it to rise again. Each one of you is a faction’s leader and what you want is to rebuild... more!

Lazer Ryderz!

Laser Ryderz is a racing game, in which each player takes on the role of a Ryderz, trying to capture all three Prisms needed to charge a Portal that will be the entrance to his/her next destination. The interesting element... more!

Fate of the Elder Gods

You are cults and each one of you has prepared a ceremony to summon their own dreadful ancient god and annihilate mankind. Meanwhile, investigators roam the streets of Arkham, trying to stop this awakening and seal off the gate. Be... more!

Club Zen

Club Zen is a game of relaxation, in which you aim at organizing the most relaxing and Zen seven-day vacation. You will have to deal with the emotional stress you are under, make new friends, take part in different activities,... more!