Pandasaurus Games

Dinosaur Island

You are planning to build a dinosaur theme park. As you can imagine, the dinosaurs won’t be fake creatures. They are going to be real dinosaurs! And you are going... more!

Machi Koro: Bright Lights Big City

Target, once again, has come out with an exclusive game. It’s Machi Koro: Bright Lights Big City. This is an updated, standalone version of the original with some differences which... more!

Escape from 100 Million BC

You are a team of adventurers and you are members of the first time-travelling expedition. However, something went wrong with the time machine and you find yourselves right next to... more!

Wasteland Express Delivery Service

This is the new post-apocalyptic game Wasteland Express Delivery Service, designed by Jon Gilmore, also known for having designed Dead of Winter. You find yourselves in a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of... more!