Rating System

Set-Up Ease (How much time and effort takes to set-up the game):

1: 10+ min. Have to sort out a ton of components, setup decks etc. setup (Terra Mystica, Caverna)
2: 7-10 min. Large amount of components. Setup decks, create pools etc.(Legendary: Alien, Flash Point: Fire Rescue)
3: 4-7 min. Moderate amount of components. (Seasons, Five Tribes)
4: 1-4 Min. Small amount of components need to be at the right place( CS Files, Avalon)
5: 0-1 Min. Open the box and play (Zombie Dice, Age of War)

Gameplay Ease (How easy it is to learn and grasp the mechanics of the game):

1: Even gamers will have a hard time at first (Terra Mystica, Mage Knight)
2: A meaty gamer’s game (Android: Netrunner, Merchants & Marauders)
3: Non gamers normally have a (really) hard time to grasp it, a normal one for gamers. (Seasons, Discoveries)
4: Non gamers can play it, an easy game for gamers. (Splendor, Shadow Hunters)
5: Non gamers can easily grasp it, gamers laugh at this. (Age of War, Zombie Dice)

Replay Value (How fresh it feels after some plays. Randomizers, customization, deep player choices and different paths/strategies to victory may add to the replay value of a game):

1: Almost no replay value, after a few plays you discovered every path (Legends of Andor, Age of War)
2: Low replay value, small amount of random elements and combinations or low amount of strategies. (Avalon,Vegas Showdown)
3: Descent replay value, many different strategies, randomizers, player choices. (King of Tokyo, Raptor)
4: A big chunk of game element combinations, randomizers, deep player choices set-ups etc. (Epic Spell Wars, Wiz-war)
5: No game will ever be the same,ever! (BattleCon:Devastation of Indines,CS Files,Cosmic Encounter)

Thematic (How immersive the gaming experience is ):

1: Abstract, it could have almost ANYTHING as a theme. (all abstract games, 6 nimmt)
2: You can feel a slight connection to the mechanics and theme. (Kingdom Builder, Las Vegas)
3: A solid connection between the theme and the mechanics/aesthetics of the game. (Raptor, P.I.)
4: You can experience the theme through the mechanics/ aesthetics of the game (Pandemic, Kemet)
5: You have an emotional connection to this game’s world, characters etc. You experienced the whole journey through this game as it was real. (Legends of Andor, Eldritch Horror, Mice and Mystics)