Catan: First Adventure – Print n Play

Age: 6+ 15 - 20 Min 2 - 4 Players 2020

The kids on Catan are adventurous, learning to sail at a young age and wanting to spend their time sailing around the small offshore islands and playing exciting games. Today, you are playing pirates and want to build camps and a fort faster than anyone else.

In Catan: First Adventure, you start with a pirate camp that sits across two of the islands in the larger ring of islands. Each island depicts a resource, and you start with one of each of the resources showing on the islands under your camp.

On a turn, you first roll the six-sided die. On a result of 1-5, all players take a resource from the reserve if they have a camp on an island with a matching number; on a result of 6, you move the Ghost Captain to an island of your choice, taking two of the resource depicted there. No one else can claim resources from this island as long as the Ghost Captain remains there.

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