City of Mist – Print n Play

Age: 14+ 30 - 200 Min 3 - 8 Players 2017

City of Mist is a tabletop role-playing game about ordinary people in a modern city becoming incarnations of myths and legends. Inspired by the film noir and detective comic book genres, the game focuses on your crew’s search for answers in a city that seems to enshroud everything in false appearances as well as on the struggle between your character’s normal life and the legend growing inside her.

This campaign will help fund the creation of the full City of Mist game. If you have tried out our free Starter Set, you know that the core gameplay, graphic design, and some beautiful artwork are already done and published. If you haven’t, go ahead and take a look at what our team can do – download the Starter Set right now!

City of Mist – Print n Play now!


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