Race of the Gods – Call of Olympus “Print n Play”

Age: 10+ 30 - 90 Min 2 - 6 Players 2018

What do the gods of Olympus when they get bored? Of course race against each other to gain glory eternal (and a cup filled with delicious nectar)!

But pay heed, the god’s race isn’t like the mortal spectacles. The greek gods don’t play fair and the way to the finish line will be dangers. You have to pay attention to your opponents, the rest of the gods and of course the wandering mythological monsters.

The race is about to begin and there’s going to be only one winner. Is it going to be you?’

Race of Gods is a competitive card game. You take the roles of the Olympian gods racing in the greatest race ever! Through a combination of movement, combat, spells and traps you’ll try to make your way to the end of the line while trying to avoid the spells from the gods who watch the match, the mythological monsters that bar your way and most importantly your competitors who will use every dirty trick in their book to win!

There are plenty of interactions with lots of bluffs, twists and surprises for everybody. You’re never sure what the other players have set up for you. You’ll need a bit of strategy, a good poker face and luck to make it through to the end!

You are going to need some meeples, 3markers/player, for the character cards and for marking your progress on the board and lastly a dice. The game is 70% fully illustrated and it will keep being worked on in the months to come. Like the game’s page on Facebook, to keep up with the news! Enjoy and have fun!!!

The zip contains print n play files and the rules of the game! Enjoy!