3 second game reviews – volume 3

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A reminder that only our reviews are 3 and bit minutes long. And this vid is over 3 minutes cause I added in an old skit from another video i did for lulz.

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Nemesis – https://youtu.be/EHO3b56pSl0
Dinosaur Island – https://youtu.be/sOoqrPPXZJY
Barrage – https://youtu.be/C-qGQubi2zg
Subatomic: An Atom Building Game
Empires of the Void II – https://youtu.be/YCvv48UL5LQ
Mountains of Madness – https://youtu.be/W5oIUxdcFyk
Stronghold: 2nd edition
Fort – https://youtu.be/Dt3MMgzUYAg
Rurik: Dawn of Kiev – https://youtu.be/Z974dbf5kRI
On Mars – https://youtu.be/aCzUgFDPDxc
Space Hulk
Empyrean Hero: The Card Game
Mission: Red Planet – https://youtu.be/g2VTNafK56M
Brass: Birmingham – https://youtu.be/vztcik0ZZkU
The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary
Disney Villainous – https://youtu.be/XUV59fV39_w
Megaland – https://youtu.be/dlklMtYoWm0
Meadow – https://youtu.be/6H7oaJPQ9KE
Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra – https://youtu.be/6H7oaJPQ9KE
It’s a Wonderful World – https://youtu.be/l2E7_UY2l_w
Intelligent Design vs. Evolution
Roll for the Galaxy – https://youtu.be/c04wIYIf-m8
Chainsaw Warrior
Star Wars: Rebellion – https://youtu.be/ikejD3kcUAg
Four Gardens – https://youtu.be/Ys3muVg_rmw
Machi Koro
Waste Knights: Second Edition – https://youtu.be/Knm7xL39zRU
Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game
Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
Castle Panic
Anomaly –
Villagers – https://youtu.be/hHjNAplSpr0

3 minute board games theme Music by Vic Granell

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