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Brace yourself for the reload! WW1 history meets dieselpunk fantasy in an alternate universe of fast-paced chibi battles and unorthodox invention.

Originally created by Ted Terranova, Rivet Wars: Reloaded is a reload of Rivet Wars: Eastern Front. A tactical miniatures board game with quickfire combat and customisable units, Rivet Wars: Reloaded also introduces competitive, co-op, solo, and team modes.

The game starts with almost zero setup, as each scenario just needs a selection of tiles to begin. Players choose their Rivet faction — Allied or Blight — and deploy waves of fresh units to stay one strategic step ahead.

The turn-based gameplay, speed, and visual theme make Rivet Wars: Reloaded feel like an RTS or mobile game come to life. Each turn, players have new deployment points to spend to bring fresh units into battle, meaning adaptive tactics as well as longer-term planning are key to claiming the strategic objectives and scoring victory points.

Battles last from 25 to 60 minutes and can be played individually or as a campaign. The premise is simple and gameplay is speedy. The mechanics and RTS-style introduce tactical nuance to keep players on their toes, letting them switch up tactics mid-game with tide-turning action cards.

The plug system also lets players customise individual units to create combo effects, giving them the edge right when it counts.

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