A History Of Me – Growing Up And Getting Married

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This is the start of several videos, a history of me from start to finish. Well not finish. That would be morbid. Until now. Ideally to be updated several years from now. Or something like that.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:40 – Growing Up
0:03:30 – Teenage Years & Video Games
0:05:27 – High School In Cleveland
0:06:17 – The Lemonade Stand Kid
0:09:38 – I Became A Social Outcast
0:13:10 – Guild Wars & MTG
0:15:05 – A Year In Israel
0:17:05 – Opening An MTG Store Online
0:22:28 – Starting To Date
0:26:08 – Meeting Rina

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