Coffee Chat – Negative Bias and No, This Isn’t About Reviewing Games

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It’s easy to be negative, about ourselves, our lives, the things going on….it’s way too easy to be negative sometimes. But that isn’t even really our fault. We’re primed to see the world that way.

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:10 – Human Beings Look To Be Negative
0:03:45 – We Drift Negative If Given A Chance
0:07:00- Waiting For The Thing To Make Us Happy…Doesn’t.
0:09:10 – What’s The Benefit of Letting Bad Things Bother Us?
0:11:00 – Happiness Is A Decision
0:14:50 – Being Grateful
0:17:18 – Try To Think About Why You’re Unhappy
0:19:00 – Worrying About Things That Never Come To Pass
0:19:30 – Reframing
0:21:50 – Do We Even Know What We Want?
0:23:30 – Wrapping Up

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