Cyberpunk: Gangs of Night City – Past 2am with Quackalope

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– Check out the Kickstarter – – Subscribe to Devon Talks Table Top – – Join Patreon to support what we do – – Join our Discord to play games – – TimeStamps – 00:00:00 Welcome to Past 2AM 00:00:57 Introductions 00:01:45 First impressions of Cyberpunk 2077 00:03:02 Overview 00:03:48 Story flavor text and set up 00:04:54 Main board and character boards 00:07:30 Opportunity cards and edge-runners 00:08:58 Asymmetric Factions 00:09:27 Game begins 00:09:47 Net-runner action 00:11:10 Upgrade combat card action 00:12:55 Techie action 00:15:05 Shira’s strategy 00:16:02 Solo action 00:17:41 Alex’s strategy 00:18:33 Build base action 00:19:33 Ganging up on Jesse 00:21:25 Wild action 00:24:48 Alex is getting points 00:26:36 Reclaim action 00:29:11 Jesse is frustrated 00:30:29 Game changing moment 00:35:45 Max’s strategy 00:40:16 Alex changes course 00:43:18 Reaction to first story event 00:48:35 Alex is running away with the points 00:53:45 Alex’s strategy 01:02:00 Reaction to second story event 01:04:05 Jesse’s thoughts on the stories 01:21:09 Alex cheats 01:23:26 Alex is confident 01:29:00 Game end is triggered – Check out the game on BGG for more information – – Quackalope’s PO Box – 5120 Mayfield Rd. PMB #305 Lyndhurst, OH 44124 For media inquiries – [email protected] – Learn more about this game – Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City is a big box strategy game with miniatures in which gangs fight for control of a city, with the city also being a living part of the game. In the game, players assume the role of a gang leader, with you organizing your gang members to take power in the city. Your actions affect not only your game and your opponents but the city itself. Each gang has different attributes and goals, giving each player a different gaming experience. This video is not a sponsored video – We have done sponsored content with CMON This game was provided by the Publisher – Our Approach to monetized Content Video – – Secret Hidden Channel – #Boardgames #Quackalope #Cyberpunk